Contemporary Resort

My parents and I immigrated here from another country. A year later my sister was born. They had to start from nothing so as a child we did not take many vacations. When I was 14 and my sister was 5, they finally saved up for us to go to Walt Disney World. We stayed at a Comfort Inn in Orlando to save money. I remember getting to the Magic Kingdom on the monorail from the Ticket and Transportation Hub clearly. I was fascinated by all the sight and truly excited to meet Minnie! I was awed by the beautiful Grand Floridian but something else caught my eye that made me speechless. There was a building that did not quite measure up to the beauty of the Grand Floridian, but something remarkable was happening, the monorail was going through the middle of the structure. I pointed this out to my parents who were just as shocked by the sight as I was, as my sister giggled that a choo-choo was going through the building. I deducted that the structure is part of Magic Kingdom and I will get to see it soon! When we entered the park, I raced towards Tomorrowland thinking that it was there by Space Mountain. It was after asking several castmates I was informed that this was a hotel. I begged my parents to stay there next time around. When my mom saw the price, I was told that it was simply out of the question. I simply gave up on my dream of staying at The Contemporary and accepted my fate of forever staying at the Comfort Inn outside the happiest place on earth. Well here I am 14 years later typing this story. Why? Because in one month I will be staying at the Contemporary. I am beyond excited and slowly regressing back to 14 years old!


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