Delicious Disney?

When you think of Walt Disney World there are several things that come to mind, Mickey and the gang, theme parks and lots and lots of FUN!!! We love Walt Disney World for all those things but we also love Walt Disney World for their undeniable ability to satisfy us during every meal. We constantly get the package with the Deluxe Dining Plan. The plan is simple you get three meals and two snacks for every night that you stay. Each meal consists of three courses; appetizer, entree, and dessert. I am the Advanced Dining Reservations Queen. I arrange each day with care to optimize our Dining experience. Signature Dining is our thing so we skip breakfast to have a two point Signature meal every night. Here are some Disney food pictures for your enjoyment!



yakyetis yakyeti
Caligrill4 caligrill2
fishfly caligrill5
Flying Fish Flyfish
flyingfish` Flyingfish
Hllywood5 flyingfish5
Hollywood4 hollywood 3
hollywood brown derby1 Hollywood brown derby2
Hollywood5 Sci Fi
jikosf jikod
Jikos Jikochicke
Jikocooking Jiko
vianapoli6 vianapoli
via napoli napoli
vianapolipizza via napolipizz
yakyet yakis
yakandyeti yaknyeti
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